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Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Discover how to create your own flower arrangements in a few simple steps from grocery store flowers.

I don't know about you, but there's something about getting fresh flowers that is my absolute favorite. I typically get fresh flowers to go next to our bed or on our dining room table. I recently created a styled tablescape and was inspired to create a DIY floral arrangement. I wanted to do something that was quick, easy and most importantly affordable because I wanted to share something that you all could easily recreate.

The DIY floral arrangement I’m sharing today was inspired by a tablescape that I recently created. I wanted to create something that had a winter feel but still brought in some pink to match my theme. What I love most about this tablescape is that it cost around $30 to make, which is AMAZING! The one I made was huge; you could do a much smaller version for about $10-15, too. In the video above, I walk you through how to make the arrangement step by step.

Below I am sharing my quick tips to create a gorgeous floral arrangement that will have everyone thinking you are a pro. Below are also a few more frequently asked questions regarding making your own flower arrangements.

How do you arrange flowers?

  • Head to your local grocery store to pick up flowers. I don’t always have time to make an extra trip to the florist, so for this arrangement, I created it from grocery store florals. Thankfully the King Soopers I live near has great flowers and prices.

  • Pick out 1-2 bunches of greenery depending on the size of arrangement you would like to make. Then, pick out a few bunches of flowers. I used hydrangeas for this arrangement, but you could also use roses, carnations, or peonies. I have basically used every type of flower our grocery store sells.

  • Get clear tape, or if you are fancier than me, you can use floral tape. Take your tape and place it in rows going down one side of your vase. Then, do the same thing in the other direction until you have little grids.

  • Make sure to fill your vase with water. See below for what to put in your water to keep your flowers fresh longer.

  • Trim your greenery to fit your vase.

  • Start on the outside edges of your vase and tuck in the greenery into the grids. I placed some of the greenery further in the center of the vase to make the arrangement look fuller.

  • Then, gather your flowers and start adding them into the center of the vase. I just added them to a different place and at different heights because I wanted the arrangement to look very free and natural.

  • Continue to play around with the placement of the flowers and greenery until it looks perfect to you.

There you have it, that’s it! A few simple steps and you have a gorgeous and affordable arrangement. I hope you enjoyed this DIY piece and are inspired to create your own. If you do make your arrangement post it on Instagram and tag me! I would love to see what you create.

How to make fresh cut flowers last longer?

  • Dissolve 2 tbsp of sugar & 2 tbsp white vinegar into a quart of warm water.

  • Remove lower leaves.

  • Cut stems at an angle until they are under water.

  • Change the water every day and recut the stems.

What temperature is best for water?

  • According to Bouq, 50-60°F is best for most flowers.

Here are also a few other examples of floral arrangements I have made from grocery story florals.




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