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Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Did you get a call from your friend or family member letting you know they were on their way to your house? You take a look around your living room and think okay it looks tidy enough, but then turn your eyes towards your kitchen and think to yourself - YIKES! I can’t have guests over with a kitchen like that! Well today’s post is just for you, and even if you aren’t in a panic today's post will still provide you with a life hack – How to clean your kitchen in 10 minutes or less. Below I detail minute by minute what you need to do to make you look like a cleaning rockstar.

Minute 1 – Start with your counters. Move any dirty dishes to the sink. Throw away that stack of junk mail. Grab your counter cleaner and spray down your counters. Let that sit. Minute 2-4 – Head over to the sink and put away any dirty dished. If you have a white farmhouse, it’s time to get it white and bright. Grab a box of baking soda and sprinkle it around your sink. Grab white vinegar and pour it in the sink along with household kitchen soap. Let that sit. Minute 4 – Grab a clean towel and wipe down your counters, stove and any appliances. Then, grab a cleaning wipe and wipe out your microwave. Minute 5 – Grab the trash and take it out. Using a cleaning wipe, wipe down the insides of your trashcan. Put in new trash bags. Minute5-7 – Sweep the floors Minute 7-8 – Head back to the sink and grab a scrub brush. Now you will want to scrub the baking soda mixture. After giving it, a quick scrub and wash the sink out. Minute 8-10 – Grab the Swiffer (this is the best way to give your floors a quick clean) and Swiffer your floors. Hang up clean dish rags and light a few candles. Bam! You have a sparkly clean kitchen in 10 minutes! 😊

I hope this 10-minute clean up helps you keep a neat and tidy kitchen. I know when I have a clean kitchen I feel like I can conquer anything!




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