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Happy Friday! I’m so excited to announce that I am starting a new series on the blog. The new series, TGIF, will showcase my five favorites things for the week.

First up is my favorite new Impossibly Soft Tee from Amour Vert. They just relaunched their Impossibly Soft Tee collection & its actually one of the softest tees I have ever felt. If you decide to purchase one you can use the code TAELORAV15% for 15% off.

Photo Credit: Amour Vert

Favorite Recipe: Kale & Salami Salad With Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette (Gluten Free/Dairy Free)

Photo Credit: Bakerita

Favorite Article: How Long Should You Really Be Diffusing Essential Oils?

Photo Credit:Â Nadine Greeff

Favorite New Blog: Harlowe James

Photo Credit: Harlowe James

Favorite New Book: Healing Herbal Tea

Photo Credit: Healing Herbal Teas

xoxo, Tae


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