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New Year's Dessert & Bubbly Bar with Bed Bath & Beyond

This post is sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond. I received compensation, but all opinions are my own. 

Can’t anyone believe that 2020 is here?! I don’t even know where this year has gone, but I always look forward to celebrating the New Year. 

I was so excited when Bed Bath & Beyond reached out and asked me to team up with them to create content around entertaining for New Years. Bed Bath & Beyond has everything you need to celebrate life's big and little moments.

I decided to create a dessert and drink bar, which could be easily set out on New Year’s Eve or New Year's Day. I was so excited to shop at Bed Bath & Beyond to create this spread because I knew they would have unique products I could include in this spread.

Below I am sharing all of the details on this spread and giving details on how you can create your own.

Pick A Theme

For those of you who know me, you know I am obsessed with anything gold, so that is pretty much always my go to color scheme. Gold is a perfect color New Year’s theme. I found perfect items from Bed Bath & Beyond to create an elegant arrangement.

Decide what you will be serving for dessert

This is step one when you are entertaining. You will need to figure out what you will be serving and decide what you need to serve it on.

For this dessert and drink station, I decided to serve cake and donuts. My two personal favorites. I was so excited to find these gorgeous Olivia & Oliver pieces at Bed Bath & Beyond. Below are all of the pieces I used to create the dessert portion of this spread.

Cake Stand


Cake Knife and Server Set

Donut Platter

Black Flatware

Decide what you will be serving for drinks

I decided to put out champagne and non-alcoholic sparkling juice. I found gorgeous Oliva & Oliver Champagne Flutes. I also included fresh berries to go along with the champagne and sparkling juice.

Champagne and sparkling juice are fun, but if you are anything like me you need coffee to stay up until midnight, or to wake up the next day after being up so late. I set out some coffee cups, which could be easily grabbed by your guests and taken over to your coffee machine. I have a Nespresso, which guests can easily use to make their own cup of coffee. 

Additional Decor

I personally like to keep my decor simple and classic. To do this I use floral arrangements. You can easily pick up a premade arrangement from your local florist, or you can make your own if you pick up flowers from the grocery store. You can check out my post here for further instructions. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and have an amazing New Year! 




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