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I love a good DIY project, but what I love even more is when they are easy and turn out the way you envisioned in your mind. These DIY Wine Glass Tassels Charms are just that - a breeze to make and adorable! They are the perfect thing to have on your glasses before guests arrive, so when they are grabbing a drink, they will know which one is theirs. I saw this idea over on Sugar & Charms blog and was obsessed, so decided to make this post with the exact steps you can use to creat your own.

This DIY craft literally takes minutes to complete. The first step is creating a cute tassel. Then, you will need a little loop to attach it to. I picked up a thin gold wiring that is typically used for making jewelry and found it to work great for the looks because of how pliable it was. The string for the tassels is the same string you would use to make friendship bracelets. Do you guys remember the bracelets we used to make in high school?? A throwback for sure.



  • Embroidery Thread (also known as friendship bracelet least that's how I remember it)

  • Small piece of cardboard

  • Scissors


  1. Decide which colors you will use for your tassel. You will need a variety of different colors since they will be used to mark your guest's wine glasses.

  2. Once you have your colors picked, grab one of the colors and the small piece of cardboard. My piece of cardboard was only a few inches, but you can choose whatever size you would like depending on the size you want to make your tassel. Try to make sure that you do not make your tassel too large, as it may become a nuisance on the glass every time your guest tries to take a drink.

  3. Then, take your thread and wrap it around the cardboard. I wrapped mine around the cardboard about 15 times.

  4. Take your scissors and cut the thread at the top.

  5. Then, take a second color and wrap it around the first color of thread you used. You will only need to wrap it around three times and then tie it in a knot. Then, trim the long ends of the second color of thread you used. This will create a loop at the top for you to attach the gold wiring which will go around the wine glass.

  6. Trim the ends of your tassel, so they are even.


Now that you made your tassel, it's time for the final step. Creating the gold loop that will attach the tassel to the glass. You can choose silver wire if you like that better, but I just really love gold.


  • Thin Gold jewelry wire (You can get it at any craft store like Michaels)

  • Wire Cutters

  • Round Nose Pliers

*Note: If you do not have wire cutters or round nose pliers you can use scissors, as this type of wire is not very thick.


  1. Cut a small piece of wire, about an inch and a half long with your wire cutters

  2. Then, use your round nose pliers to make a small loop at one end.

  3. Bend your wire into a circle

  4. Thread the wire through the top loop of the tassel

  5. To fasten to the glass thread the end of the wire through the loop you created in the wire.

That’s it. Now you have cute charms for your guests to use.





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