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This post was sponsored by Samsung. I received compensation, but all opinions are my own. I am thankful for fantastic brand partners like Samsung.

Back in May, I shared with you one of the number one items you need to have on your wedding registry. This week I am sharing my tips for how to quickly clean your home. I’ve developed a list of quick cleaning tips that help me keep my house neat and tidy. Below are my top five quick cleaning tips as well as a few answers to top asked kitchen cleaning questions.

  1. Invest in a POWERbot vacuum. This is something that you must have in your spring cleaning arsenal. I don’t know about you, but I can easily keep my home picked up, but the floors are a different story. I always felt like they were constantly dirty or needed to be vacuumed. The POWERbot changed all of this for me. I run it one or two times a week, and the floors stay so clean. If you have a bit extra to pick up, you can run it even more. Running it a few times during the week always me to only need to deep clean (aka mop) every other week, or sometimes once a month. This is a huge time saver when it comes to my weekly cleaning.

  2. Divide up your chores. Rather than doing all of your chores in one day, spread it out. Make a checklist for yourself of what tasks you will do each day of the week. This way, it just becomes a habit.

  3. Hire a professional. Some jobs aren’t worth your time. One that quickly comes to mind is cleaning your windows. This is something that can be hired out once a year.

  4. Declutter. Decluttering will instantly make your house feel cleaner. One easy way to do this is to grab a laundry basket and walk through each room and pick up any miscellaneous items that do not need to be out. Another area in most homes that needs decluttering is the kitchen counters. Find places to store small kitchen appliances that you do not use every day.

  5. Store cleaning supplies in each room. Rather than carrying your cleaning supplies to each room. Find a cabinet and store them in each room. This way, when you have a few extra minutes, you can easily wipe down the counter in your bathroom or kitchen. If you are looking for more cleaning tips, check out my answers to the questions below.

What is the fastest way to clean a cluttered house?

I start by grabbing a laundry basket and any clothes that need to be washed, cups that have piled up on our nightstands, and gathering any trash or mail that have piled up during the week. Once I’ve gathered all of this I place it where it belongs. i.e., the dishwasher, laundry, trash, etc. Once you have picked up any miscellaneous items on the floor - turn on your POWERbot and let it vacuum while you do other cleaning. While the POWERbot is vacuuming, I like to quickly dust and wipe down our countertops. This way, the POWERbot can clean anything that ends up on the floor.

How to clean your kitchen in 10 minutes?

Have you ever had someone text you to let you know they are stopping by your house, but your kitchen is a mess? Then, you need to check out my post on how to clean your kitchen in 10 minutes. It’s an absolute game changer. My number one tip is to multitask with a POWERbot. It can work on cleaning the floors while you handle the dishes and countertops.

How to keep a kitchen clean daily?

Make it a point to always put your dishes in the dishwasher when you dirty them. Wipe down your countertops when you finish putting away the dishes at the end of each day. Run your POWERbot robot vacuum after you finish wiping down the countertops.

How do I motivate myself to clean the house?

This is a question I often ask myself, but I’ve found a few tips that keep me motivated.

  • Turn on some music. This is by far my biggest motivator. You can even do a little dancing while you clean.

  • Set a timer. I like to give myself an hour to quickly declutter our house on Friday’s when I get home from work. This makes it so much easier when I do my deep cleaning on Saturday or Sunday night.

  • Split up your tasks. I often lose motivation if I try to do too much at once. Try to space out tasks during the week. We take out the trash on Tuesday nights, wash our bedding and laundry on Sunday and clean out the fridge on Sunday, too.

  • Ask for help. My husband an I split up the chores in our house. He does the laundry, dry cleaning, and trash. This is SO helpful because those are chores that I am not good at and I don’t enjoy. I happily take on the deep cleaning and cooking. Things that I LOVE doing.

  • Use products that make your life easier. One suggestion is using the POWERbot robot vacuum. It takes off a good 30 minutes from my cleaning routine each week.

I hope these five simple cleaning hacks help you tackle some cleaning. If you take one tip away, I highly suggest getting the POWERbot. It will seriously make cleaning your floors a breeze.

Thanks again to Samsung for sponsoring this post!




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